Kitty Cones Marshmallow Pet Bed
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Kitty Cones Marshmallow Pet Bed

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You know how much your pets love to snuggle! Well, this round marshmallow bed takes snuggling to a whole other level!

Each bed is Handcrafted with LOVE!

Size: Approx. 20" x 10" purrfect for cats and small-med dogs.

* soft flannel - solid coordinating color in the center

* soft patterned flannel - sides

* loosely filled with premium polyester filling.

* After the first use, your pet will have made their mark and the bed will be formed to ensure the best snuggle just for them!

* machine wash & dry! ( shake off as much hair as possible before tossing in the washing machine. Once dry, pull from dryer, re-fluff with your hands, place in the purrfect spot and watch your furriends sleep the day away!

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