About Us

Fuzzbutt Boutique is a company made for your fuzzbutt, friend, companion, sibling or fur baby. We create stuff for your fluffs, which are high quality handmade pet flannel scarves, colorful bandanas, bow ties, toys, and clothing for humans. I created Fuzzbutt Boutique as a place where you can buy fun and quality accessories for your pet(s) and you. 


Meet Chloe the Collie

Fuzzbutt Boutique's mascot, Chloe the Collie!

She is 7 years old, enjoys long walks in the park, cuddling with her humans, and meeting new fuzzbutt friends (and human friends too!).

We are working on becoming a therapy dog, specializing in companionship work with the elderly, children, and special needs individuals.  

During the summer, Chloe sometimes comes to outdoor dog friendly events to "work" at the Fuzzbutt Boutique booth. Follow me on Facebook to see what events I will be at.

Meet Bambi the Kitty-Cat

Bambi is our cat mascot! She actually enjoys her work showing off the cat bandanas, bow ties and marshmallow pet beds. 

She is also my supervisor as well. She likes to watch me to make sure I am keeping up the good work and providing a great quality product. She tends to get in the way sometimes by stealing my thread, clips, pins and pens! 

She enjoys watching all of the critters outside and lying about the house. 


Meet Kenzie the Kid

Kenzie is the newest addition to our Fuzzbutt Family. She is 2 years old, and full of energy! We have the greatest fun annoying older sister Chloe with our drive to play all the time, and when she gets grump we move on to annoying Bambi. We are an aggressive snuggler that hasn't quite learned the proper way to curl up and cuddle, locking our front legs to sit up straight.

Right now, the world is still pretty big and scary, but we're learning. Children are scary, thunderstorms are scary, fireworks are scary, anything even a mile away that could possibly be construed as a firework is scary.

We have completed Obedience 1, but definitely be going back for Obedience 2.